Sunday, November 14, 2004

TaLk AbOuT ...............

LiKe OmG !
im so sik of this hole hater deal! every1 @ mi schools like geese ur a hater! im like dude chill out and guys leave me alone!
they say im crazy i reely dont care thats my perrogative!
im sik of bein folwed im tired of rumors startin sayin wat they want about me!
everyone has a theme song.... mine is girls and boys by goodcharlotte ( mi fave band)

TaLk AbOuT ...............

wow im kinda bored! n e way lol i love orlando bloom.... gah he is so hott! HES A BRUNETTE!
well ttyl lyl'
jenny pink

~ JennyPink~

woah! dude like the other nite Rms had a 7&8 grade bball game and mi friend was gunna pick me up..... well me n mi mom had a wreck! n e way my friend ran late so we ended up gettin there..... the girls won theres like 30 to 19 or sumthin but then the boys played! WOAH! the score was 64 to 4! Guess who won??? we did! It was reely funny cus all the peeps that stayed 4 the boys game were sscreamin@ the top of their lungs! WOW! TTYL!
*Jenny PiNk*